Q: Does the course guarantee Job Placements?

A: Schools are constantly looking for adults with AMI Montessori diploma. The institute receives job advertisements from many schools from inside and outside the city. We will place these advertisements in our career opportunity book.

Q: What’s the duration of the course?

A: The modular course will be delivered over 30 weeks in 4 modules, over a period of 18 months.

Q: How can outstation students find accommodation in the city?

A: Bangalore is home to many service apartments and PG accommodations. We encourage students to find an accommodation close to the training centre and which will fulfil their individual requirement.

Q: What are the working hours of the institute?

A: The institute is open to students from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

Q: Will the students receive contact information of other students registered on the course?

A: It’s a policy of the institute to not share the contact information of the students registered on the course. However on the first day of the course you will have ample time to interact with each other.

Q: Do students have to submit attested or certified copies of educational documents?

A: The photocopy of each educational document that you submit to us along with your application must have the signature and official seal of a government official, notary public, gazetted officer, bank manager, or the head of a recognised educational institution. They sign in this way to confirm that they have seen your original document and can verify that it is a true copy.

Q: Where are the recommended books available?

A: The Institute houses books published by Indian Montessori Foundation. These books will be available for purchase at the institute.

Q: Is computer proficiency required to be successful on the course?

A: The course submissions are accepted only in the printed format, further every student is required to have access to internet and an email id. This will ensure that you receive necessary communication related to the course.