Registrations are open for AMI Primary Diploma Course (3-6) Age level
Registrations are open for AMI Primary Diploma Course (3-6) Age level
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Q:Is this certificate recognised internationally ?

Yes. It’s Globally recognised.

Q: Do you offer Job placements ?

No, but we do get Job opening requirements from schools internationally which is in turn forwarded to all our graduating students. Also you can check on the AMI Website for Job openings.

Q: Do we need to submit original educational certificates ?

No. A self attested photocopy is fine. But Original is needed to be shown during the interview.

Q: Is graduation a must or can undergraduates also apply?

Graduation is a must, good english speaking and writing skills is an added advantage. Undergraduates are also considered on a case to case basis.

Q:Do we need to have a teaching background or experience to do this course ?

Not necessary. But we do consider applicants interested in working with young children.

Q: Does the Institute provide housing facilities/ hostels for outstation students ?

We can recommend some PG facilities nearby, which were occupied by ex-students.

Q: Can the fees be paid in Installments ?

It is a one time payment before the course begins.

Q: Will the Institute assist in Observation and Teaching Practise ?

Yes. The training team will guide you through this.

Q: Is it mandatory to buy Montessori books ?

Yes. Some books are Compulsory Reading and few are Recommended reading. The list is available on the website.

Q: Can we buy the books from the MIB Institute ?

Books can be procured online from the IMF website. You can login at or fill the Book Requisition form available at the Institute.