Registrations are open for AMI Primary Diploma Course (3-6) Age level
Registrations are open for AMI Primary Diploma Course (3-6) Age level
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AMI Administrators Certificate Course


Course History

The AMI Administrator’s Certificate Course developed from the initial work with school administrators in the government schools in Thailand. The course was modified to assist schools in a rapidly growing sector in China from 2016.


With encouragement from AMI the course further adapted its content to a wider audience of Montessori schools, centres and projects around the world. Since the pilot courses presented between 2010 – 2015 the AMI Certificate has been offered commencing in 2016. 


Courses have been offered in the following countries so far: Thailand, China, Switzerland, US, France, Australia, Mexico, Norway, Canada, and Czech Republic. 


Course Goals

The course carefully examines the unique aspects of leading a Montessori program. We begin by understanding the underlying principles which guide Montessori education, then look at how our schools vary from other education institutions and other education pedagogies. The course also addresses the kinds of skills an administrator needs to be effective in a Montessori setting. 


Who is this course for?

Our focus is on leadership, in a Montessori way. Anyone who is currently, or will soon be, in a leadership role would find benefits in this course. 


The course has successfully served the needs of school principals, assistant principals, business managers, coordinators and others in leadership positions. It has also proven valuable for those interested in starting a school or moving into a school leadership position in the future. We have also accepted school board directors, parents and teachers who desire to learn more about school administration.


Course Requirements


Course Hours:

  • Class hours: Approximately 44 hours
  • Out of class observations and assignments: 4 hours



The following prerequisites are desirable but not essential:

  • Knowledge and experience in a Montessori school setting
  • Montessori teacher training
  • Leadership experience


The following prerequisite is essential:

  • Desire to learn
  • Willingness to embrace a Montessori style of leadership



  • Students must attend 90% of the scheduled classes
  • Students will be asked to participate in group and individual reflections
  • Students will prepare 3 major assignments


There are 3 modules;

  1. Core Considerations for Administrators – the background (approximately 12 hours)
  2. Your school as a community, within a community – you’re not only serving a school – you’re serving a community (approximately 15 hours)
  3. Being an effective Montessori school administrator – we start with vision and explore how we effectively can get the job done (approximately 21 hours)


Course Schedule and Timing 

The Course will commence on Thursday, 25th July, 2024 and ends on Saturday, 3rd August, 2024. The lectures will be onsite at the Montessori Institute of Bangalore (MIB). 


A schedule will be provided to the registered students at the start of the course. The course timings will be from 9:00am to 4:00pm (IST) Monday to Saturday every day. Students will be asked to be extremely punctual. Latecomers will be marked absent for half the session. 


Fees :

Please note, we are offering Early bird fees for the Administrators Course. To avail this early bird offer, the full fee needs to be paid on or before 15th May, 2024 alongwith application form. Post this date normal fees will be applicable. Hence do take advantage of the same and register as soon as possible.


Early Bird Course Fee structure for applications reaching till 15th May, 2024


Fees Indian Nationals (INR) NRI and OCI card holders (INR) Asian and African Nationals (US$) Foreign Nationals (US$) Due
Total Rs.57,400 Rs.65,000 US$825 US$900 Alongwith Application


Regular Course Fee structure for applications reaching us on or after 16th May, 2024


Fees Indian Nationals (INR) NRI and OCI card holders (INR) Asian and African Nationals (US$) Foreign Nationals (US$) Due
Total Rs.66,000 Rs.74,750 US$950 US$1040 Alongwith Application

Indian Nationals may pay the fees by means of Bank Transfer in favour of “Montessori Institute of Bangalore”. 

Foreign Nationals must pay the fees in US Dollars by means of Bank Transfer (preferably through TransferWise in INR equivalent to US dollars) in favour of “Montessori Institute of Bangalore” payable in Bangalore. 


MIB Bank Details for bank transfer : 

Account Name: Montessori Institute of Bangalore 

Bank: Bank of Baroda, Branch: Gandhi Bazaar 

Current Account Number: 89490200000692 

IFSC code: BARB0VJGABZ (there is a zero in between) 


MICR: 560012115

Refund Policy 

The fee is non-refundable. Once paid it cannot be refunded for any reason either prior to the commencement of or during the course on withdrawal of a student. Students will be required to submit a Refund Policy Acceptance letter at the time of payment of fee.

Director of Training: Mr. Bill Conway 

Bill Conway has been involved in the field of education for over 40 years. His first role after completing his initial university degree in education at the age of 24 was assuming a challenging position as the principal of a small rural government school in the US. Since this early leadership experience at a relatively young age, he went on to serve the education sector in different capacities, in diverse school communities in a variety of countries around the world. Bill has worked as a school principal, teacher and counsellor in public and private schools in Colombia, South America, the US, New Zealand, and, for the past 25 years, in Australia. 


He became interested in school reform early in his career while working on approaches to teaching and learning designed to enhance children’s well-being, self-awareness and personal development. He studied Bilingual education in his postgraduate studies, as well as school counselling. Bill’s most recent appointment was a leadership position at a dynamic Montessori school in Bondi (Sydney, Australia) where he served as Principal for over 13 years. 


His most recent work includes co-authoring the AMI School Administrator’s Certificate Course syllabus and leading the programme planning for the 29th International Montessori Congress 2023 in Bangkok Thailand. He is an Administrator Course Trainer presenting around the world. Currently Bill serves as a Director on the Montessori Schools and Centres Australia (MSCA) Board, the AMI Affiliated Society for Australia. He also serves on the boards of two of Australia’s strongest Montessori schools; Forestville Montessori School (NSW) and Rockingham Montessori School (WA). He has also served as President of the Montessori East Foundation Board, the fundraising body for Montessori East. 


Bill has spent more than 25 years of his career as a head of school, 10 years classroom teaching and 3 years as a school counsellor. 


As an experienced education leader and Montessori advocate, Bill dedicates his time serving the Montessori community in various parts of the world. He is an education leadership consultant supporting Montessori schools desiring to improve their practice or to assist schools going through change. As chair of the Education Committee for MSCA he is actively mentoring schools participating in MSCA’s Genuine Montessori Pathway, a programme designed to support processes towards high fidelity Montessori practices. 


Bill currently lives in Mosman, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.  He endeavours to spend as much time as possible with his four children who are living around the globe. He especially maintains a close relationship via zoom and occasional visits with his two young granddaughters who are living in Kodiak, Alaska.


Trainer in Training : Samantha (Sam) Streak

Sam has been an educator for 32 years. She is the founding principal of Port Elizabeth Montessori School in South Africa and Primary Principal of Northfields International School in Mauritius. She brings a rich array of experiences as a Montessori educator, board member and school leader – as well as being a founding member of the Montessori Association of Africa. Besides her recent work as a trainer in training for the AMI Administrator’s course, she is also a PhD Candidate at the International Centre of Nonviolence through Durban University of Technology. She is both a professional education leader, and a dedicated mother to her 7 year old son, Ben.


We believe Montessori education is relevant for our time and has the potential to lead modern education around the world. Montessori Schools can be the hallmark example to others, and with the right leadership we can move this pedagogy into a bright future.