Registrations are open for AMI Primary Diploma Course (3-6) Age level
Registrations are open for AMI Primary Diploma Course (3-6) Age level
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AMI Orientation Course (3-6) Age level


AMI Primary Montessori Orientation Certificate Course: Bangalore (3-6 age level) 

Course Components 

The AMI Orientation Course offers an introduction to the developmental characteristics and needs of children at the various age levels. Successful participation in all Orientation Course Requirements leads to award of the AMI Orientation Course ‘Certificate of Completion’ at the relevant age level. 


The AMI Orientation is a 60-hour course with an additional 9 hours for Observation and can be facilitated onsite face-to-face, in a blended or fully online format.   


The Montessori Orientation Course for Ages 3–6 is an introduction to the developmental characteristics and needs of children ages 3–6. It supports understanding of this developmental stage for parents, caregivers, school staff, or any individual seeking general knowledge about Montessori developmental theory and education. Successful participation in all Orientation Course Requirements leads to award of the AMI Orientation Course ‘Certificate of Completion’ at the 3–6 level. 


Course Objectives 

  • To gain general knowledge of the Montessori approach to childhood development and education 
  • To explore how an adult can best support optimal development for this age group in any environment and as needed, to identify and remove obstacles to optimal development 
  • To understand the unique nature of the 3–6-year-old child’s mind (the Absorbent Mind), the powers for development active at this stage, and the needs and characteristics of children at this stage of development 
  • To understand the general importance of Observation as a basis for providing developmental support of 3–6-year-old children in any environment 


Course Requirements 

  • Sixty (60) Hours of student engagement, to include: 

o Presentation of Course Content 

o In-Class Discussions and Activities, including discussions based in Required Readings 

o Supplementary: Self-guided Learning Activities and Assigned Readings with interactive assignments 

  • Nine (9) Hours of Observation of 3–6-year-old children in AMI Montessori 3–6 environments, or as determined by the Trainer. It is recommended that individuals planning to participate in the Assistants Course Adjunct complete all Observation Hours in AMI Montessori 3–6 environments 


Theory Lectures 

The theory lectures will offer the students the opportunity to examine the development of the whole child and the successive phases of child development. Special consideration is given to language, movement and independence leading to all-round development. The carefully prepared environment and the role and attitude of the adult will also be studied. 


Students will need to find a baby under the age of 1 year for 8 hours of observation during the course. During this time they will be required to record and submit a report of their observations. 


Students will need to submit written work at regular intervals during the course, which will include theory essays, material making assignments and observation reports. All assignments must be completed in order to receive the certificate. 

Email and Internet Access 

Students will need access to Email and the internet as information will be sent to them regularly by email. Assignments will need to be submitted electronically. 


Lectures will be in English. Course work needs to be submitted in English. 



The AMI Orientation Certificate is awarded to those who complete all the requirements. In order to receive the AMI Orientation Certificate, the applicant should: 

  • Submit all the assignments 
  • Complete the required hours of observation and submit an Observation report Have 90% attendance 


Students must have 90% attendance in order to receive the certificate. Students with attendance below 90% will not be eligible for an AMI certificate. 


We welcome candidates from all walks of life and different professions. This course is open to anyone wishing to know more about Montessori philosophy. 

Admission Procedure 

Admissions are on a first come first served basis. 

Application must be submitted with all enclosures. The Admission Review Committee will process all complete applications. The decision of the committee will be final and binding. 


To be considered for admission you need to submit the following: 

  •  Application Form duly filled in and signed by the applicant 
  •  Fees receipt (Fees to be paid through Bank Transfer only) 
  •  Refund Policy Acceptance letter 

The above needs to be signed, scanned and emailed to: 

Admission Confirmation 

Selected candidates will receive an email of confirmation. 

Course Schedule and Timing 

The Course will commence on Monday, 7th Oct., 2024 and ends on Friday, 25th Oct., 2024. A schedule will be provided to the registered students at the start of the course. The lectures will be online through the Zoom platform. 

The course timings will be from 2:00pm to 5:00pm (IST) Monday to Friday every day. Students will be asked to be extremely punctual. Latecomers will be marked absent for half the session. 


Fees :

Please note we are offering Early bird fees for the Orientation course. To avail this early bird offer, the full fee needs to be paid on or before 30th August, 2024. Post this date normal fees will be applicable.

Early bird fees Rs.21,806 (for Indian nationals) and $475 (for Foreign nationals) to be paid on or before 30th August, 2024 alongwith registration. Hence do take advantage of the same and register as soon as possible. 

Regular fee is Rs.27,258 (for Indian nationals) $520 (for Foreign nationals) applicable from 1st September, 2024 onwards as per seats availability.

Indian Nationals may pay the fees by means of Bank Transfer in favour of “Montessori Institute of Bangalore”. 

Foreign Nationals must pay the fees in US Dollars by means of Bank Transfer (preferably through TransferWise in INR equivalent to US dollars) in favour of “Montessori Institute of Bangalore” payable in Bangalore. 


MIB Bank Details for bank transfer : 

Account Name: Montessori Institute of Bangalore 

Bank: Bank of Baroda, Branch: Gandhi Bazaar 

Current Account Number: 89490200000692 

IFSC code: BARB0VJGABZ (there is a zero in between) 


MICR: 560012115


Refund Policy 

The fee is non-refundable. Once paid it cannot be refunded for any reason either prior to the commencement of or during the course on withdrawal of a student. Students will be required to submit a Refund Policy Acceptance letter at the time of payment of fee. 


Books and Stationery Budget 

It is advisable for students to acquire the Montessori books in the Required Reading list. 

The students will also have to acquire stationery for the course submissions. 

Students using computers must budget additionally for printing costs. The cost will vary depending on the choices made. We would like to emphasize that this is a budget and that it is only an approximate guide. The training course neither recommends nor endorses particular stationery products. Students are advised to budget for books and materials for the duration of the course as follows. 


Items  Budget  Likely to be spent
Montessori Books  Rs. 2500  Before the course commences
Stationery  Rs. 500  For the duration of the course
Materials  Rs. 1000  For the duration of the course
Printing  Rs. 500  For the duration of the course

Books and Reading 

To prepare for the course and for working in a Montessori environment it is good practice to read around the subject. The following list of books is provided to help you begin this process. Some of these books will be made available in the office library only for reference. 


Required Reading 

By Dr Maria Montessori 

  • Citizen of the World (for overview of Montessori developmental theory and education) 
  • Education for a New World 
  • The Secret of Childhood 
  • The Child in the Family.


Additional readings at the discretion of the Trainer. 



AMI Trainer: Anahita Gandhi 

Anahita Gandhi is an AMI Trainer. She has worked as a part of the training team at the RTI Montessori Course in Mumbai. She has also assisted as a member of faculty on the 3-6 course in Thrissur, Kerala. Along with her colleagues she has run several Assistant Courses across Mumbai. She joined the AMI Training of Trainers in 2009. Anahita received her AMI Montessori Diploma at the 3-6 level at the RTI Montessori Course, Mumbai in 2001. Since then she has worked in Montessori schools in Bangalore at Arunodoy Montessori House of Children and in Mumbai at Activity High School and l EcoleMontessori. She brings over a decade of experience and expertise to her work. 

Application Form & Non-Refund Policy Acceptance Letter will be sent once you click on Apply Now.